Pastor Search Updates

Pastor Search has Started!

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the First Baptist Church of Smithfield has begun the prayerful search for a new pastor. Our church is seeking a pastor who has a strong grasp on the Word of God and a desire to share that with the congregation through preaching, teaching and pastoral care. We seek a pastor who will show the love of Jesus by serving our church family and community. The  pastor search committee has completed preliminary tasks in preparing for the recruitment and interviews of candidates. Interest has already been expressed in the position. We should be able to begin screening candidates in the near future. We are still in the early stages of this work but we are making progress. Please continue to pray for the search committee as we seek God’s will for our church. Contact us at with any questions, concerns, interest, or messages of support.

See our Church and Pastor Profile for gives more information about our church and the type of person God is calling to this position

Update 5/28/21 – Receiving and Talking to Prospects

The Holy Spirit continues to move in our hearts and guide us in our work. The committee has been meeting for over a month with a lot of progress made. We work closely together, getting to know one another and sharing our faith journeys. We have reached out to faith organizations to request names of qualified candidates who may be a good fit for FBC Smithfield as is detailed in our church / pastor profile. More interest continues to be expressed in the position and we have initiated preliminary conversations with prospects.

The committee is blessed to have the backing of a close-knit church family. We are encouraged by your messages of support we have received and your prayers. Please keep them coming. Continue to pray for the future of the Church and specifically FBC Smithfield.

Contact information and members of the Pastor Search Committee has been added to our Church and Pastor Profile